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Project Summary

KENAFF4ESP is a five-year project (2023-2027) supported by Sida CIVSAM (The Civil Society unit of the Swedish International Development Cooperation) under the We Effect’s “Livelihoods and Right to Food (LRF) Programme”.   The LRF programme aims to contribute to the realization of the right to food for women, men, young people and children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda by 2027, through enhanced resilience and strengthened and equitable food systems within communities. 
The objective of the LRF programme is to provide organized, empowered, assertive and resilient communities with sustainable livelihood opportunities. This will be achieved by strengthening the capacities of local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), cooperatives and member-based organisations to enable them to reach out to all their members, organize and empower communities by teaching them their civic rights and facilitate efficient service delivery by the CSOs and duty bearers.   
KENAFF is a strategic partner collaborating with the We Effectt through the KENAFF4ESP to implement the LRF programme result areas:

1: Stronger organizations;
2: Sustainable livelihoods;
3: Resilience; 
5: Gender equality;
6: Effective, equitable and just food systems.  

Goals and objectives.

Overall goal:
 to advocate for extension services delivery for equitable and just food systems, improved livelihoods, and poverty alleviation among farmers in Kenya.     

 to enhance the capacity of farmers to lobby and advocate.  

 Expected impacts

•   Increased access to extension services for farmers in Kenya, leading to improved agricultural practices and higher yields

•  Strengthened the capacity of farmer organizations to lobby and advocate effectively for agricultural policies and legislation.

•  Improved livelihood opportunities among women, men and youth through engagement in farming activities.

•  Enhanced gender equality within the agricultural sector, with a focus on empowering women farmers.

•  Enhanced women’s and men’s resilience to the impacts of climate change on agricultural productivity and food security.

•   Strengthened collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders in the agriculture sector, leading to more equitable and just food systems. 


• Capacity building/farmer training workshops: to enhance advocacy skills and knowledge of farmers.

•  Stakeholder engagement forums: to foster collaboration and dialogue among various actors in the agricultural sector.

•  Multistakeholder platforms: for inclusive decision-making and fostering partnerships in addressing agricultural challenges.

•  Policy dialogues at both county and national levels: to influence agricultural policies and legislation.

• Advocacy-based County farmers’ forums: to amplify the voices of farmers and address their concerns.

• Courtesy calls to county and national governments: to advocate for agricultural policies and legislation that benefit farmers.

• Media engagements and publication: of advocacy materials to raise awareness and garner support.  

 Project Duration: 

January 2023 to December 2027           


 KENAFF4ESP collaborates with five (5) We Effect Core Partners in five (5) counties:        
  •  Nakuru County – Nakuru Potato Cooperative Union Limited (NPCU) 
  •  Baringo County – Baringo Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Union Limited (BAMSCOS)     
  •  Kajiado County – Maasai Kajiado Women Dairy Cooperative Society Limited (MKWDCS) 
  •  Machakos County – Lower Eastern Women Cooperative Society Limited (LEWOCO)     
  •  Murang’a County – Murang’a Avocado Farmers’ Cooperative Union Limited (MAVOCU) 

Get Involved

Ways for visitors to support or participate in the project/program.  

Visitors interested in supporting or participating in the project can:   
  • Participate in activities organized by KENAFF4ESP in your county e.g., stakeholder engagement forums or policy dialogues. ·     
  • Engage with local media campaigns and publications to stay informed about the project’s advocacy efforts ·       
  • Volunteer to support the project's various activities in your counties ·       
  • Spread awareness about KENAFF4ESP and its objectives within your network and county by sharing information on social media platforms, websites, or word-of-mouth.
  •  Provide feedback and suggestions to KENAFF4ESP through their contact information to contribute to the project’s success  :
  •  Provide a point of contact for further inquiries or involvement.     

 For further inquiries or involvement, please contact: ·     

   Email: farmers@kenaff.org ·     

   Phone: +254 741461763

KENAFF Programmes Manager

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