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Issue: 2nd Quarter 2023
This issue of the Farmers Voice Newsletter embarks on a captivating exploration of afforestation and how it brings both environmental and economic advantages to farmers.
The issue dives deep into the story of Kenyan beekeepers, shining a light on the incredible work of KENAFF in empowering communities amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19.
But that’s not all! It takes you on a delightful journey along the sweet potato value chain, showcasing the incredible efforts you can make to add value every step of the way from farm to the market.
Additionally, the newsletter brings you up to speed with some of the events, inspiring stories, and enriching workshops that happened in the quarter.
Issue: 1st Quarter 2023

This issue of the Farmers Voice Newsletter successfully captures the essence of empowering small-scale farmers in Kenya through the integration of technology in agriculture. 

The chosen theme, “Empowering Kenyan farmers through technology,” is timely and relevant, considering the numerous challenges faced by the agriculture sector. By exploring the potential of technology to address these challenges, the newsletter offers practical solutions and highlights the importance of leveraging innovation to improve farmers’ livelihoods.

Additionally, the newsletter feature KENAFF events and workshops held between January and March 2023.

Issue: 1 December, 2022

In this issue of the Farmers Voice Newsletter, we covered a wide range of topics related to agriculture. 

The newsletter explored the journey of KENAFF over the years, the farmers manifesto, farmers’ health insurance, and some of the KENAFF projects and programs. 

Additionally, the newsletter delved into the importance of transforming food systems through inclusive agriculture. It also highlighted various events and workshops organized by KENAFF during that period. 

Issue: January - June , 2022

In this issue of the Farmers Voice Newsletter, we delved into a variety of stimulating agricultural topics.

The KENAFF Strategic Plan, 2022-2026 Review, was explored, as well as the importance of advocacy in agriculture, especially for smallholder farmers. 

Moreover, the newsletter delved into farming for food security in Kenya, the KENAFF Farm Forestry & Afforestation Programme, and the need to adopt high-impact initiatives for youth entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector.

Additionally, the implementation of Silvopastoral Systems in the North Rift was discussed, alongside the KENAFF Farmers’ Needs Based Support. The newsletter also highlighted some of the significant events that happened within that period.

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