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Project summary

Horticulture for Growth Programme is a scaled up version of Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems Project. The Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems Project seeks to improve the resilience of smallholder farmers by integrating local agricultural production of food crops and products (vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy) and agriculture businesses. The Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems Project aims to address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers and improve their ability to withstand various stresses and shocks. By promoting the integration of local agricultural production, the project seeks to strengthen food security and develop resilient food systems.
Through this initiative, smallholder farmers are encouraged to diversify their agricultural activities, focusing on the cultivation of food crops and the production of agricultural products. By expanding their agricultural enterprises, farmers can create new opportunities for income generation and improve their livelihoods.

Project Objective

The main objective of the project is to contribute to food system resilience, by supporting producers to build more resilient farms and food systems that are prepared for future climate change impact or economic vulnerabilities.

Project implementation areas counties and wards:

Taita Taveta. 

Project duration:

(Q1, 2023 – Q4, 2025)

Project/lead Partner: 

Solidaridad Eastern and Central Africa


  Netherlands – Dutch government

Acting Now Project is built on three (3) components;

     Component 1: Viable and resilient production systems
     Component 2: Inclusive service delivery systems
     Component 3: Inclusive market connection systems.

Focus value chains:

     Fruits (mangoes, citrus and pawpaw)
     Vegetables (Kales, tomatoes and cabbages)
     Cereals (Pulses, peas, cowpeas, beans, green grams and sorghum)

Focus value chains per counties/wards:

Makueni – Mavindini and Kathonzweni wards
Kwale – Puma and Kasemeni wards

The value chain that Taita Taveta County will focus on are; green grams, sunflower and vegetables.

Cereals – (green grams and sunflower) The following wards; Voi – Marungu, and Lower Sagala; Mwatate – Bura, Chawia, Ronge, Chawia, and Wusi/Kishamba; Wundanyi – Wundanyi/Mbale, Werugha, Wumingu/Kishushe, and Mwanda/Mgange; Taveta – Chala, Mata, Mahoo, Bomani and Mboghoni.  
Vegetables (kales, tomatoes and cabbages) The following wards; Voi – Kaloleni and Ngolia; Wundanyi – Werugha, Wumingu-Kishushe, Wundanyi-Mbale and Mwanda-Mghange;

KENAFF Programmes Manager

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