Farmers' Organization Video Library (FOVL)

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Programme/Project Development Objective (PDO)

In collaboration with Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA) and the Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda (UNYFA), KENAFF is developing an online farmers video library from where farmers can access information on best agricultural practices from different countries across the world.
This library will consist of videos on different topics mainly on agricultural production, urban farming, land management, animal farming to animal health. The videos are collected from different online sources like access agriculture, which are then summarized into a text format and sequenced. With this, the users can consume the information easily without necessarily watching the videos since they can read the texts or listen to the audio files provided from the website. This will allow them to save on time and money spent on data.

Key components/ main activities

  • Video text production
  • Video Library maintenance and updating
  • Targeted capacity building for access and use of the platform



Alignment to the KENAFF Strategic Plan (2022-2026):

    • Strategic Pillar 2- Members' services 
    • Strategic Pillar 3-  Contribute to a sustainable Kenyan agri-food system 
    • Strategic Pillar 4-  Leverage the energy, enthusiasm, innovation and knowledge of the youth and women to drive value chain development and commercialization
    • Strategic Pillar 5-  Farmer-driven climate action and resilience building against shocks and emergencies 
    • Strategic Pillar 6-  Data innovations and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture

    Target counties

    All counties



    KENAFF Programmes Manager

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