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Programme Summary

The KENAFF Devolution Programme is a comprehensive initiative that aims to support and empower agricultural stakeholders in Kenya's devolved system of government.
This program recognizes the importance of devolution in driving local development and aims to strengthen the capacity of County Agriculture Sector Coordination Units (CASCU) to effectively implement agricultural policies and programs.The primary objective of the KENAFF Devolution Programme is to enhance coordination, collaboration, and synergy among the county-level agricultural stakeholders.

 It provides technical assistance, capacity building, and mentorship to CASCU members, including county governments, farmer organizations, extension officers, and other relevant stakeholders. By strengthening the capacity of CASCU members, the program aims to improve the planning, implementation, and monitoring of agricultural activities at the county level.


  • Strengthen the capacity of County Agriculture Sector Coordination Units (CASCU)
  • Improve coordination and collaboration among county-level agricultural stakeholders
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement and participation
  • Support the development and implementation of County Agricultural Investment Plans (CAIPs)
  • Strengthen data collection, analysis, and management systems
  • Promote climate change adaptation and resilience in agriculture

Key components/ main activities

  • Build the capacity of the KENAFF County Associations and the respective leaders to; effectively engage county governments for agricultural development and participate effectively in agricultural development processes -
CIDPs development,Budgeting etc;
  • Strengthen the County Associations capacities to deliver services to members.



Alignment to the KENAFF Strategic Plan (2022-2026):

    • Strategic Pillar 1- Lobby, advocacy and policy action
    • Strategic Pillar 2- Members' services 
    • Strategic Pillar 7- Partnership and Collaboration 

    Target counties

    • All 47 counties


    2021 – 2022

    KENAFF Programmes Manager

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