This is a unique medical insurance product tailor-made for the active members of the
Kenya National Farmers’ Federation. It is brought to you, courtesy of a mutual
partnership between BRITAM and KENAFF to offer a comprehensive and affordable
medical cover to Kenyan farmers.

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants should be:

  1. 18-75 years at entry
  2. Active KENAFF member
  3. Children: 30 days to 18years; and,
  4. School-going children up to 24 years

Cover Options:
1. Inpatient only
2. Inpatient and Outpatient

Inpatient benefits:

  1. Admission charges to general ward bed.
  2. Covers resident doctor’s charges, nursing fee, bed charges and pharmacy,laboratory and radiology charges.
  3. Drugs, medicine, dressings, & internal surgical appliances covered.
  4.  Maternity cover for normal delivery and pregnancy related illness.
  5. Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, kidney failure to 50% cover.
  6. ICU/HDU and theater charges covered
  7. Inpatient Physiotherapy
  8. Reconstructive surgery following and accident
  9. Chronic pre-existing and psychiatric conditions

Option 1: Premium Table for Inpatient only

Outpatient Benefit:

  • Annual cover benefit of KES 30,000 per family
  • X-RAY
  • Laboratory tests
  • Pharmacy and drugs covered
  • Management of chronic ailments (HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, and cancer)
  • Antenatal visits
  • Diagnostics and treatment of common ailments
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Health and wellness education/healthcare counselling


Outpatient Exemptions:

  • MRI, fibre-optic investigations, HSG, CT scans, OGD and Colonoscopy
  • Dialysis
  • Optical and Dental services
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Consultation fees by specialists
  • Family planning/ infertility, impotence, vaccinations/immunization
  • Hearing aids
  • General health medical examinations
  • Intentional self-injury, drunkenness, drug addiction


Outpatient Hospitals: Bliss Healthcare and Medicross

Option 2: Premium Table for Inpatient & Outpatient

Why Farmer Health Insurance?

  • Shielding farmers from the burden of healthcare costs and preserving their financial positions.
  • Ensure that farmers receive the medical attention they need without compromise, promoting a healthier and more resilient farming community.
  • Farmer Health Insurance upholds the dignity of Kenyan farmers by ensuring they receive respectful and compassionate healthcare, preserving their sense of self-worth.
  • By guaranteeing access to healthcare services, we ensure continuous productivity on farms, driving sustainable agricultural growth and prosperity.
  • Farmer Health Insurance is a tool for financial planning, farmers can confidently plan their finances, secure in the knowledge that their healthcare needs are met.
  • Our insurance plans offer affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage, ensuring that healthcare remains accessible to all farmers.
  • Farmer Health Insurance provides peace of mind, offering farmers a sense of security knowing that their health needs are covered.
  • Farmer Health Insurance eliminates the need for reliance on family, friends, or farmer groups for medical expenses, empowering farmers to stand on their own feet.
  • A healthy farmer is the backbone of a productive community. By prioritizing farmer health, we’re not just insuring individuals; we’re investing in the well-being of entire agricultural ecosystems

How to Buy The policy?

The Member will select the cover option I.E Inpatient Only or Inpatient and outpatient, Fill in the application form page 1 & 2 indicating the dependants they wish to cover for the selected limit and pay the corresponding premium.

An application will only be registered when fully complete and signed and the corresponding premium paid.

Process of payment will be as below.

Payment Method:

  1. Go to M-PESA menu.
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
  3. Select Pay Bill .
  4. Select Enter business no. & Enter 522522
  5. Select account no. & Enter 6345696# ID number.
  6. Enter amount, your PIN and Send
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