Membership Benefits

Market power - when farmers are united along value chains, it enables them to speak in one accord, a profoundly impactful dynamic in market negotiations, including price discovery and settlement.

Unity makes it easier to negotiate for better prices for inputs and otherresources like capacity building and other technical advisory services.

Pride of recognition - joining the federation is a way to strengthen the federation so that farmers can also find satisfaction in belonging to an organization that caters to their collective interests as they work to feed the nation and care for its land and forests.

Strengthen the Farmers' Voice at the county and all other levels - while farmers contribute the most to the country's economy, their voice is not well articulated due to their wide dispersal and lack of cohesion. Becoming a member of KENAFF means a stronger voice and visibility for farmers. Umoja ni Nguvu na utengano ni udhaifu.

First opportunity to participate in the federation's business activities - members are always given the first priority whenever there are investment opportunities in the federation's business arm.

Leadership training and development - KENAFF has world-class leadership development programmes for all her members at all levels. For members who have the inclination and focus, this provide the opportunity to not only provide leadership in the federation but also in other walks of life.

Access to rich and dynamic education and training programmes - the federation excels in building and implementing capacity building programmes for her members on all imaginable topics for the members' benefit and excellence at their enterprises.

Vertical integration for production and market efficiency - the federation continues to encourage members to focus on value chains where they've the most competitive advantages. Organizing production and agricultural marketing systems in this way ensures that farmers get the highest returns on their investments.

Peer to peer learning - becoming a member makes it possible to learn from others in order to excel at one's enterprise. This is made possible through exchange tours, Farmer field Schools, modeling and many other forms of peer to peer learning.

Enhance representation, lobby and advocacy for farmers' issues at the county and other levels - when farmers are united and speaking in one voice, it becomes easier for their concerns and issues to be addressed by the county and national governments as well as other representatives in the county or national assemblies