National Tree Planting Day

Ruai & Ol-Rongai tree planting event.

The Kenya National Farmers’ Federation KENAFF participated in a tree planting activity in Ruai sewage treatment plant on the 10th of May 2024. This was done in line with President William Ruto’s directive to plant trees on the stipulated national tree planting day. There were several participants namely: Dr. Peter Borchardt who is one of KENAFF’s stakeholders, KENAFF staff members, Mr. Isaac Kibet Environment, health &  safety manager for Nas Servair and members of Nairobi county council, ward administrator and area chief.

In collaboration with Nas Servair, KENAFF contributed to the government of Kenya’s ambitious goal of planting 15 billion trees by 2032. As part of KENAFF’s Farm Forestry, Afforestation, and Biodiversity Conservation programme (FFA & BCP), KENAFF dedicated this tree planting initiative to honor the memories of Kenyans who tragically lost their lives during the disastrous floods.

Dr. Peter Borchardt, expressed his gratitude about how people displayed their care towards each other by planting trees. “As the saying goes, there is no better time to plant a tree like 20 years ago ,which might have protected our landscape much more from the flooding which happened in the last weeks; the best time beside of that is now because this weather event will come back again and again more often in the time of climate crisis.”

KENAFF extended this honorable activity to Ol-Rongai in Nakuru County on 11th May 2024, where 120 tree seedlings were planted. Our commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture is unwavering and events like these serve as a solemn reminder of the urgent need for action.

KENAFF aims to spearhead efforts to mitigate climate change through afforestation, particularly for the benefit of farmers. A total of 370 tree seedlings (120 in Ol—Rongai and 250 in Ruai sewage treatment plant) were planted. The seedlings consisted of a diverse mix of indigenous, fruit, fodder and fast-maturing species. This selection aimed to enhance biodiversity and advance the process of reforestation in the area aligning with KENAFF’s Farm Forestry, Afforestation and Biodiversity Conservation Programme 2021-2030(FFA & BCP).

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