National tree planting event in Bomet County.

National tree planting event in Bomet County.

On the 19th of April 2024, the Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) in partnership with Agriterra led farmers and community members in Bomet County to participate in its national tree planting event. Through the KENAFF Farm Forestry Afforestation and Biodiversity Conservation Programme (KENAFF FFA & BCP), farmers were sensitized on the advantages of agroforestry.

KENAFF FFA & BCP programme is an essential element within Pillar 5 of the KENAFF strategic plan 2022-2026, that focuses on empowering farmers to enhance their image, take action and build resilience against emergencies and shocks.

This programme is in alignment with the government of Kenya’s 15 billion trees agenda in 10 years. So far, two million trees of 57 different species have been planted through the programme .A sensitization meeting took place in Sotik and Konoin Sub County, to discuss on various aspects of agroforestry.

The meeting was attended by: Dr. Daniel M’Mailutha KENAFF’s CEO, Hon.Bernard Tonui Bomet County Government CECM for water, sanitation, environment, natural resources and climate change; Hon Rosa Bett, CECM for agriculture, livestock and fisheries and assistant County Commissioner and finally Mr. Noah Cheruiyot Co-operative Advisor from Agriterra.

Also present were representatives from Konoin sub- county Youth, local farmers and a group of fifty youths.

During the noble event, 10,000 tree seedlings were planted. They comprised of various species categorized as indigenous fruit bearing, fodder and fast-maturing types. 

They include: Rauvolfia caffra, Polyscias fulva, Tamarindus indica, Syzgium cordatum, Podocarpus facaltus, Casuarina equisetifolia, Cupresssus sempervirens and Grevillea robusta

Benefits of the programme to farmers and community members in Bomet County.

Through the KENAFF FFA & BCP programme, farmers learnt more about the effects of agroforestry, practical skills on agroforestry planning, species selection, nursery establishment, tree planting techniques, maintenance practices and value-added processing.

Participants were able to better understand the benefits that come with tree planting especially with the ongoing floods. Other than improving forest cover, agroforestry reverses the undesirable effects of climate change, improve the atmosphere, enhance soil potency and ease soil erosion among other benefits.

Ultimately, KENAFF FFA & BCP objectives were met that is to assemble farmers to exercise agroforestry, increase awareness among farmers about the natural, commercial and communal benefits of adopting agroforestry systems.

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