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Inclusive agribusiness necessary for sustainable agriculture.
Brief history of Inclusive Agribusiness Club (IAC)
The Inclusive Agribusiness club (IAC) is a platform that unites development facilitators in food systems to speed up inclusion through learning and collaboration. The vision is that by collaborating, members can achieve inclusivity goals more swiftly and effectively. IAC was initially launched and organized by 2SCALE and KENAFF on August 29, 2023, at the Kenya National Farmers’ Federation Headquarters
(KENAFF HQ). The event brought together various stakeholders focused on promoting inclusivity through conference and exhibition sessions. Participants discussed ways to enhance the inclusion of youth, women, small businesses, smallholder farmers, people with disabilities and base-of-pyramid (B.O.P) consumers in agribusiness. This year, IAC held another event on 6th of June, at KENAFF’s Headquarter, featuring keynote speakers KENAFF’s CEO, Dr. Daniel M’Mailutha, and 2SCALE’s country team leader, Mr. Patrick Boro.
Other participants included David Ojwang from SNV, Monica Githige of Techno Serve, Alexander Mwangi, an agricultural journalist from Kilimo News, Jeremy Kaburu from the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Fredrick Okoth (Investment Promotion and partnerships of Warehouse Receipt System Council, and Mercy Kinoti from Strathmore University, among others.
Dr.Mwendah shared his reflections on the mileage that IAC has taken to ensure that sustainability and inclusivity is achieved in various agricultural sectors in the wake of rapid climatic changes. “A lot of times, when we talk about sustainability, the main thing now is climate action because we come to realize that climate is rapidly changing, how do we include everyone in whatever it is that we are talking about,
build equity in the systems and bring along all the farmers in this country to achieve KENAFF’s motto: Sauti ya Mkulima, and ensure actual representation across various agricultural sectors.”
Mr. Patrick Boro elaborated how 2 SCALE is working to achieve inclusivity and eradicate poverty by including lower income communities to ensure that their businesses thrive. “One strategy is to bring on board all actors in the development sector that are doing work in agribusiness working with small holder farmers, businesses that process products from the farms, governments and academia.”
Proposed ways of implementing inclusivity.
During the event, KENAFF’s CEO challenged participants to propose ways to implement inclusivity. The suggestions included:
1. Determining membership for IAC: Should it be individual, corporate, or a membership-based club?
2. Governance structure: Should the club be a union, social club, or NGO?
3. Funding for future events: Should it be through grants, donations, local resourcing, or a blend of local
and international funding.

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