KENAFF Hosts Lobby and Advocacy Training Workshop Module 4

Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) organized a lobby and advocacy training workshop module 4, which took place from 29th to 31st March, at the Farmers Conference Center to brainstorm many issues among them; experiences with getting members issues; communication in crises and conflicts (their origins and solutions).

The three-day event, which brought together over 20 participants, targeted KENAFF National and County Board Members, staff members, coordinators, and the Farmer Organization (FO) leaders who reflected on their experiences with ‘consultancy’ the Lobby and Advocacy context.

Day one activities were as follows:

  • The participants were welcomed and reminded of the underlying objectives of the Lobby and Advocacy workshops as well as the eventual desired outcome. 
  • The facilitators took the participants through a guided meditation and reflection around issues of Lobby and Advocacy.
  • Setting the fourth workshop focus, which entailed the participants sharing their planned content and schedule in order to harmonize with their expectations.
  • Deeper reflection on experiences so far, which included critical success factors.
  • The facilitator also introduced the participants to conflicts, especially crises in Farmer Organizations.
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