KENAFF Welfare Committee Organizes team-building Staff Retreat to boost morale and cultivate positive employee relationship

Sagana, November 14, 2022: Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) organized a two-day team building staff retreat from November 13 to November 14, 2022, at the Jangwani Camping site. The event, which all staff members, including interns, attended, aimed to boost employee morale and cultivate a positive work relationship.

Usually, the productivity of an organization is highly dependent on employee cohesiveness, and this was the purpose of the KENAFF team-building retreat, which also sought to make employees work as a single unit.

A group photo of KENAFF Staff during the team-building session in Jangwani Camping Site| Photo: KENAFF

The KENAFF Youth Development Programme Officer, Peter Owidi, led the team through several team-building activities, including “the tug of war” and “trivia” question and answer sessions, among other activities. The staff members were grouped into four teams (black, red, white, and blue) and competed against each other.

Staff retreats usually are essential and provide a good opportunity for employees to strengthen and boost their relationships and associations consequently, offering a chance for the team to develop stronger bonds. A more robust and stable work relationship among employees is also critical in boosting efficiency and workplace productivity.

Team blue competing against team red in a tug of war | Photo: KENAFF
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