KENAFF and AGRIBORA Signs an MoU towards Digital Transformation in Farming

In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing the agriculture sector, the Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) and AGRIBORA, on June 9, 2023, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Farmers’ Conference Center.


This partnership marks a significant step in harnessing digital technologies to enhance farming practices and empower smallholder farmers in Kenya.

During the signing ceremony, AGRIBORA CEO, Mr. Kizito Odhiambo, highlighted the challenges farmers face in a fragmented agricultural ecosystem. With numerous intermediaries standing between farmers and service providers, the farming industry has long needed to improve its efficiency. 

Mr Kizito Odhiambo, Agribora CEO
Mr. Kizito Odhiambo, AGRIBORA CEO

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, AGRIBORA and KENAFF partnerships will bring together the power of technology and personalized service, enabling smallholder farmers to establish direct and trusted relationships with their service providers.


KENAFF CEO, Dr. Mwendah M’Mailutha, while speaking at the event, commended AGRIBORA for proposing a partnership that aligns with the federation’s Strategic Plan (2022 – 2026) pillar 6, which focuses on Data Innovations and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in agriculture. He further emphasized the importance of supporting farmers by embracing technological advancements. 

KENAFF CEO giving his remarks
KENAFF CEO Dr. Mwendah M'Mailutha, giving his remarks.

Notably, the collaboration will also leverage the KENAFF USSD code platform, which offers accurate and timely information on agriculture worldwide, providing farmers with essential knowledge and insights.


By combining their expertise and resources, the KENAFF-AGRIBORA partnership aims to drive a significant transformation in the agricultural industry. This collaboration introduces innovative agro-fin-tech solutions and establishes a new precedent for utilizing technology to create better opportunities for farmers.


The digital transformation in farming facilitated by this partnership holds immense promise. Smallholder farmers can access essential services directly by reducing intermediaries and improving efficiency and profitability. 


Through the AGRIBORA technology-driven approach and the KENAFF commitment to empowering farmers, this collaboration is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in Kenya.


As the agricultural sector embraces cutting-edge technologies, the partnership between KENAFF and AGRIBORA serves as a beacon of hope for farmers nationwide. By merging the human touch with the power of technology, this collaborative effort will unlock new avenues for growth and prosperity in the farming community.


With the signing of the MoU, the Kenya National Farmers Federation and AGRIBORA have taken a significant stride towards realizing their shared vision of a digitally transformed agriculture sector, one that empowers smallholder farmers, fosters innovation, and brings sustainable progress to the forefront of the industry.

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