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In the pursuit of fulfilling her mandate to represent, articulate, protect and promote the interests of Kenyan farmers, the Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) has created a basic framework for setting up, developing, maintaining and integrating a national farmers’ database disaggregated by value chains into counties, sub-counties and wards; and mapped into clusters appropriate for differentiated applications (production; post-harvest management; value addition; transport; access to credit; insurance, legal and other advisory services; as well as all market operations) along the agricultural product value chain.
 Indeed, it is envisaged that when this database is fully formed, over the next 2-5 years and all its derivatives (including the development of differentiated apps), the Farmers’ Voice shall be heard loud and clear by the government (county and national), market actors and other stakeholders dealing with farmers at whatever node along the value chain. It’ll also be a solid and sustainable mechanism through which to de-risk farmers’ on-farm and off-farm enterprises for easier access to finance, credit, insurance and other professional, services.
 Most importantly, coupled with other KENAFF operations including membership subscription and fees-based member services, KENAFF shall leverage this data and the applications thereof to put in place architecture to enable farmers access to health insurance as well as social security. The code was set up immediately after Covid-19 hit Kenya in early 2020. It was conceived as a service centre for KENAFF members particularly as the cessation of movement and lockdowns became commonplace. Over the past two years, the platform has evolved into a robust toolbox supporting the country’s agriculture transformation and growth agenda as envisioned in the 3 Government of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda (2018—20-22), Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS, 2019—2028), and Kenya Vision 2030.
 The platform leverages the KENAFF grassroots reach and influence across the 47 counties, our member database comprising approximately 1.6 million farmers and the phenomenal power of data innovations as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to curate a solid, credible and up-to- date national farmers’ database.

KENAFF Programmes Manager

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