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Who We Are

The Kenya National Farmers’ Federation (KENAFF) is a non-political, non-profit making and democratic member-based umbrella organization of all farmers in Kenya. It represents the interests of about 2 million farm families as the legitimate farmers’ voice with the objective of articulating issues affecting them through focused lobby and advocacy, targeted capacity building and promotion of sector stakeholders’ cohesiveness in dispensing and progressive uptake of agricultural innovations for enhanced socio-economic status of the farmers. Formed in 1946 as a Farmers’ Union representing exclusively the rights of the large scale white farmers, the organization has undergone institutional and structural transformations over time to better its services and accommodate the small scale farmers.

For this reason, the federation has changed from Kenya National Farmers’ Union (KNFU), to Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers (KENFAP) in November 2003 and now to KENAFF since August 2012. For enhanced performance, the federation has a wide network of like-minded partnerships, affiliations and coalitions locally, regionally and internationally.


A vibrant agricultural sector sustaining improved livelihoods. 


To progressively influence change in the agricultural sector environments and promote agri-business through targeted interventions. 

Core Values 

The federation has anchored its foundation on farmer empowerement, collective action, representation and gender mainstreaming with a strong focus on enhancing suitable livelihoods. therefore, KENAFF aspires to attain excellency in service delivery as inspired by a variety of cations greared towards making every aspect of the Federation VIBRANT, connoted by:

Visionary in pursuits.

Innovative in provision of home grown solutions.

Bold in confronting challanges. 

Responsive to the membership's needs.

Accountable to its members and stakeholders through observance of ultimate integrity 

Nurturing the young membership into super actors.

Teamwork in harnessing synergies and professionalism. 


Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

Membership Services

Membership Services

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