Connecting, Transforming and Sustaining Livelihoods

The revitalizing the banana industry through strengthening of the Banana Growers Association of Kenya (BGAK) project

The project covers a period of 2 year from 2012-2014 supported by AGRA under FOSCA programme.

Objective/Aim To improve incomes of smallholder Banana Growers in Kenya by strengthening the BGAK. Scope

  • Meru
  • Embu
  • Kirinyaga
  • Muranga


  • 20th February-BGAK Board meeting to be held at Golden Palm hotel Murang’a.
  • BGAK membership recruitment drives in the 4 counties, one recruitment drive in each of the 4 counties.
  • Training of field officers in the 4 counties on leadership and data management skills
  • Setting up of demo plots-one in each of the for counties
  • Setting up TCB hardening nurseries
  • Sensitization of farmers on appropriate planting materials ( 2 field days in each of the 4 counties)

Year 2014

  • Capacity building on orchard management (TOTs) 2 TOTs in each of the counties
  • Capacity building of marketing groups on quality control, packaging, branding and pricing
  • Linking farmers to innovations such Agrilife platform, and mobile phone extension service
  • Satisfaction study surveys


  • Increased membership base
  • Enhanced productivity of Banana production
  • Enhanced market linkages
  • Increased household incomes

Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

Membership Services

Membership Services

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