Connecting, Transforming and Sustaining Livelihoods

Farmers’ Voice: Improving Food Security Governance in East Africa (FACT)

The programme covers a period of 2 year from January 2013 to January 2015. Its supported by European Union/Agriterra.


It covers 4 counties namely; Meru, Kwale and Bomet.


The pogramme focuses on for broad objectives this includes;

  • To contribute to the empowerment of smallholders’ participation in food security related policy processes in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
  • Increased capacities of Farmers’ Organizations (FO’s) in preparing policy proposals and influencing policy processes, based on the views, needs and concerns of their grass-root members.
  • Accountable, feasible and well-informed policy proposals on Strategic Food Reserves (SFR) and Post-Harvest Losses (PHL) generated through piloting of the PGPP method.
  • Increased consultation and networking amongst the participating FO’s on relevant policy issues at different levels.


  • 14 FO’s have effectively integrated the Participatory Generation of Policy Proposals (PGPP) approach in their lobby and advocacy work
  • FO’s are recognized by policy makers as relevant actors in the policy dialogue and policy making scenarios at the different levels
  • FO’s at the national and regional level are able to effectively scale up the PGPP method to their other members
  • FO’s have elaborated policy proposals on SFR and PHL through systematic consultation of and validation by FO’s constituency, ensuring accountability and ownership
  • FO’s have elaborated quality proposals on SFR and PHL by integrating experts’ advice
  • FO’s have engaged and lobbied proposals on SFR and PHL wit relevant policy makers and forums
  • Sub-national level FO’s have established a mechanism for horizontal consultation and coordination and reach out to others at the sub-national level in their country
  • National level FO’s have strengthened their mechanism for vertical consultation and coordination with their sub-national affiliated member organizations
  • EAFF has improved its current mechanisms for consultation and coordination between their national level members
  • FO’s at different levels have enhanced their networking with policy makers

Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

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