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Measures by the Trans Nzoia, Bungoma and Vihiga County Government in promotion of Banana Value chain

Banana Growers Association of Kenya (BGAK) is a commodity Association who is a member of Kenya National farmers Federation (KENAFF), whose mandate is to voice the interest of the Banana farmers on issues pertaining to production and marketing by bringing together all banana Value chain actors. It held county meetings on 13th to 15th May in Trans Nzoia, Bungoma and Vihiga respectively. The meetings brought  together the banana value chain actors in the counties.  Stakeholders were drawn from the County Government, MoALF, farmers (producers), Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) and KAPAP. The meetings aim was to sensitize and empower farmers and stakeholders on BGAK operations and services as well as formation of Banana value chain interim committee that would coordinate activities on production and marketing of the bananas.

Some of the key highlights from the county Government were as follows

In a bid to boost banana production in Trans Nzoia County the County Chief officer said that, the county government will set up a Tissue culture Banana (TCB) lab for banana multiplication in partnership with KARI, as well as hardening nurseries, improve the roads in the rural areas as well as capacity building programmes for both farmers and county officers in ministry of agriculture on good agronomical practices. He also recognized the effort for the Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPAP) that has helped in formation of Trans Nzoia Banana Cooperative Society and establishment value addiction cottage machinery. 

1,500 hectares of land is under banana production in Vihiga County. To increase/ promote banana production the county government has procured 50,000 banana seedlings, which will be distributed to identified bulk banana farmers at no cost.    The county government has further set up three hardening nurseries and has set aside 10 million shillings for construction of commercial villages; avenues for marketing the produce.  These were the remarks of the County Chief Officer during a one day banana value chain sensitization organized by Banana Growers Association of Kenya (BGAK).

As a county we have procured 40,000 banana seedlings in partnership with Super Ndizi and JKUAT as a strategy of increasing banana production in the region.  The seedlings will be sold to the farmers at a price of 100 shillings said Ms Monicahh S. Fedha the County Chief Officer Agriculture & Cooperative. We have further procured 40,000 bags of Mavuno Fertilizers of which 22,000 bags will be sold at a subsidized rate of 800 shillings per bag.  The remaining 18,000 bags and 10 Kg bag of maize will be distributed to vulnerable farmers for free. We will also set up 104 hardening nurseries to boost the banana value chain in Bungoma Said Ms Monicah. 

Ms Monicah further said that the Government is not only promoting the banana value chain but also the tea industry, it has bought 200000 tea seedlings, and 500 bags of Irish potato seed. We intend to procure tomato processing plants for this financial year. We will carry out capacity building on agronomical practices on all the value chains in this county. 

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