Connecting, Transforming and Sustaining Livelihoods



To establish a sustainable and commercial domestic biogas sector in Kenya.

Overall objective:

To contribute to the achievement of the MDGs through the development of a commercially viable, market‐oriented biogas sector and dissemination of 27,500 biodesters by 2017

Specific objectives:

  1. To increase the number of good quality and operational household biogas plants by 27 500 new units in a period of 4years.
  2. To strengthen institutions enabling sustainable development of the biogas sector
  3. To ensure the continued operation of all biogas plants installed under the programme
  4. To optimize benefits that are currently under‐developed in the Kenya biogas sector specifically related to:
  •  Gender aspects, women economic and children’s educational status
  •  Improved health from nutrition and reduced indoor air pollution
  •  Environmental protection through reduced deforestation and environmental Degradation
  •  Employment creation, especially in the rural areas
  •  Improved food security due to agricultural application of bio‐slurry
  • Tapping of carbon finance.


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Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

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