Connecting, Transforming and Sustaining Livelihoods

Food Governance

Project Name
Enhancing Opportunities of Eastern Africa Farmer Organizations in effective policy dialogue engagement for food security governance and improvement of rural livelihood

Project scope and donor
The project is implemented by EAFF through its four membership countries Namely: Burundim, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Project period
1st February, 2014 to 31st December, 2015

< strong>Objectives
Programme Overall Objective is to:
Strengthen capacities engagement and effectiveness of Eastern Africa FOs In policy-making processes that have an impact on food security and nutrition

Out puts

  • Coordinate and participate in analysis of all agriculture and food security related policies
  • Develop a database of the policies mentioned above
  • Convene meetings to disseminate the FAO-MAFAP findings to the leadership and management of FO
  • Conduct consultations with KENAFF members to identify specific policy priorities using FACT approach
  • With the technical committee, develop policy plans for EAFF and member organizations
  • Set up a physical resource centre with online component at the KENAFF offices in Nairobi for all types of policy documents accessible to KENAFF members
  • Convene national policy dialogue meetings with relevant authorities to deliver the priority issues from the farmer organizations
  • Periodically update the leadership and management of KENAFF on the relevant policy issues affecting the country's agricultural landscape
  • Liaise and maintain contacts with the relevant policy-making institutions in the country to build strong links/coalitions on behalf of the farming community

Kilimo Talii

Kilimo Talii

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Membership Services

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